Author : Anne

Acupressure Point GV16 (“Wind Mansion”)

Acupressure Point GV16 is efficient to relieve headache, neck stiffness, mental stress, and fight sore throat, nosebleeds, red eyes, dizziness. It’s stimulation relieves the entire area of the head (nose, throat, eyes, mind). Names: Governor Vessel 16, GV6, Wind Mansion, Palace of the Wind. Where is this point? At the top of the neck, in […]

Antioxidant DIY Face Mask Recipe

This simple, easy-to-make anti aging facial mask contains a high amount of antioxidants which are essential for keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking. For best results, buy the freshest ingredients you can find and use them as soon as possible. Makes 1 portion Preparation Application Nature’s Secrets Tomato: Rich in natural antioxidants like vitamin […]

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