Anne Cossé has been interviewed by and contributed to many media around the world about Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure and acupressure in general. See also media in french.

Self Magazine (USA) – February 2013

Press Here for Instant Happy: acupressure points to chill after a crazy day, shake a stress headache and rally for a Friday party.
Self Magazine, acupressure points for happiness
Self Magazine | Acupressure | Anne Cossé

Woman’s World (USA) – 31 December 2012

Take a Break! Shortcut to Bliss with Acupressure: acupressure points on the hand, to ease anxiety, soothe a stiff neck, erase a headache or enhance your relaxation.
Womans World | Anne Cossé
Womans World | Acupressure | Anne Cossé

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore – December 2009

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore features wellness workshop by guest trainer Anne Cossé.

Harper's BAZAAR | Anne Cossé
Harper's BAZAAR & Sisley | Anne Cossé

Interview on Lush 99.5 Singapore – 25 May 2009

Lush 99.5 Singapore | Anne Cossé

Anne Cossé was interviewed on Lush 99.5 on 25/5/09 by Hossan Leong & Angel Teo, for their Lush Life Wellness & Spa Program. If you have missed the live show, you can catch them here.
Hossan Leung Angel Teo

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

Listen to Part 3

Human Capital Magazine (Singapore) – dec 08-jan 09

Learn self-cupressure at work.
Human Capital Magazine - dec 2008
Human Capital Magazine | Anne Cossé

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