Acupressure Point St 3 (“Facial Beauty Point”)

Acupressure Point St3 is a Master acupuncture point. It helps relieve stuffy nose, nasal congestion, sinus problems, tooth pain, eye ache, eye irritation, swelling around the eyes and general facial congestion. Names: Stomach 3, St3, Facial Beauty Point. Where is this point? At the bottom of the cheekbone (maxilla), on the imaginary line between the pupil […]

Acupressure Point SI17 (“Heavenly Appearance”)

Acupressure Point SI17 benefits the ears and throat, reduces swelling, relaxes the face lower muscles and helps flushing out toxins. Names: Small Intestine 17 (SI17), Heavenly Appearance, Celestial Counternance, Heaven’s Reception, Tian Rong. Where is this point? In the depression between the angle of the mandible and the anterior border of the neck side muscle. […]

Acupressure Point St4 (“Earth Granary”)

Acupressure Point St4 helps relieve wry mouth (crooked jaw, deviation of mouth from stroke), salivation, twitching of the eyelids, twitching of the corner of the mouth (Bell’s palsy, trigeminal neuralgia) and facial pain: facial paralysis, tooth ache. It may also be helpful in case of inability to eat and atrophy and/or movement issues within the […]

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