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Privacy Policy

I am a lover of freedom and privacy.
My privacy policy is therefore extremely simple: I have never and will never sell, rent or give your details to any other organisation or individual.
The details you provide are used solely to process your order. They are shared for that purpose with Selz and Paypal.
Your financial details do NOT transit via this website and its hosting provider.  When you checkout, you enter your financial data directly on hypercrypted and secured Stripe or Paypal servers. I do NOT have any access to them.

Web Site Use Information:
Google Analytics and my hosting provider HostGator utilize the “cookies” technology and web server log files to collect information about how the site is used and doing. Information gathered through cookies and web server logs include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, and the time spent. I do not own or collect directly this information. I analyze it regularly to understand how my website is used and how I can improve it. None of this information is personal, and all of it is completely anonymous.

Mailing Lists:
When you sign-up for any of my mailing lists you do so through a confirmed opt-in process. No one can sign you up against your will. In addition, you can opt-out any time with one simple click on the “unsubscribe” link at the end of any email you receive from me.

Refund Policy for Digital Products

If for any reason you find that the book or tutorial you purchased was not helpful to you, you can return the book and get a full refund.
In order to get your money back, please do the following any time within 30 days of making the payment:

Email me and state you request a refund.
Email me the receipt of your purchase so I can track the transaction.
Permanently delete the book files from any computer you have saved it on. Destroy all printed versions of the book.
Send me a dated email in which you affirm that you have done all the above.

Note: please kindly acknowledge that our satisfaction guarantee covers the efficiency of the method after you apply it on yourself for a few weeks, but does not cover last minute change of mind!


All text, graphics, audio, video or image files, content and information displayed on annecosse.com, the organization and lay-out of the site, and all copyright, trade mark rights, design rights and other intellectual property rights in them are my property (Anne Cossé).

You agree that you will not copy, reproduce, publish, distribute or dispose of in any way any of that proprietary content, especially my name, slogans, acronyms, trade mark, logo and design.

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